About Us

MJS Reptiles started as an idea between three friends in the 5th grade, with MJS being an acronym for all of their names. Like most businesses started by 11 year-olds, the partnership didn't last. However, I stuck with the idea and, with the help of supportive parents, got my first aquaculture propagator permit a year later under the name, which now serves as reminder to the years of persistence and effort it took to make this dream a reality.

We have now been a licensed dealer and propagator of various reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, and fish in the state of Pennsylvania for over a decade! Our mission is to provide like-minded, passionate hobbyists with a consistently reputable source for a unique variety of niche and under-appreciated herptiles, invertebrates, and fish with a particular focus on U.S. natives. We are particularly focused on bringing attention to niche and obscure U.S. natives within the captive hobby since many of these animals are extremely under-appreciated and there are few consistently reputable sources for many of them.

I am proud to say we have safely shipped thousands of animals across the country to all manner of hobbyists and breeders as well as accredited institutions such as universities and zoos. Please keep in mind that we are a private business, operating out of a residence. We are NOT open to the public, however you can come see us at local reptile expos (see our show schedule here) or you can send us an email at mjsreptiles@ptd.net to arrange a local meet-up to pick up your animals. 

- Max Moses


Sole-proprietor, MJS Reptiles