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Black-fingered Mud Crab (Panopeus herbstii)

Black-fingered Mud Crab (Panopeus herbstii)

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Black-fingered mud crabs (Panopeus herbstii), also called Atlantic mud crabs or just common mud crabs, are a widespread species of xanthid crab ranging along North America's Atlantic coast from Massachusetts south to Brazil and Bermuda. As their name suggests, these crabs are most common in marshy areas of bays and estuaries with muddy bottoms, although they can be found in a variety of different habitats including amongst seaweed, shellfish beds, rock and shell bottom areas, and jetties. Black-fingered mud crabs are the largest of our native mud crabs, reaching up to 1.5" in length, and feed on various shellfish, snails, other crabs, and small fish. 

In the wild these crabs prefer moderate to high-end brackish water, in captivity they should be kept with a specific gravity (SG) over 1.005. I normally keep them with an SG between 1.007 and 1.010. It is good to provide a varied, high-protein diet of both live or frozen/thawed foods and pellet foods. There is little information available on their maximum lifespan, which seemingly can vary based on a variety of environmental factors, but it seems rare that they live past three years. Black-fingered mud crabs are seldom available in the aquarium trade, however, they are hardy and undemanding captives that can be enjoyed by hobbyists at all levels.

Currently available animals are field-collected. 

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