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Blue Death Feigning Beetle (Asbolus verrucosus)

Blue Death Feigning Beetle (Asbolus verrucosus)

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Blue death feigning beetles (Asbolus verrucosus) are a species of darkling beetle native to the southwestern United States. Death feigning beetles earned their name from their endearing habit of playing dead when disturbed but don't worry, once they think the coast is clear they'll pop back up again and go back to milling around their enclosure. Their powdery blue color is the result of a coating that protects them from the sun; if the beetle gets wet the coating will disappear and they will turn very dark blue or black, but the coating will return after a few days.

BDFBs are one of the most popular and adored pet invertebrates for a reason. They are cute, colorful, easy to care for, and very long-lived compared to most beetles in the hobby. They do well with variety of other darkling beetles and desert invertebrates and tolerate handling well. Just keep them on a dry substrate such as sand and offer them dry foods such as dog food or fish food as well as an occasional slice of fruit/vegetable or beetle jelly for moisture.

Currently available specimens are field-collected adults.

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