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MJS Spider Sub

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Our spider substrate is an affordable, "no frills" mix designed to be a great general-use substrate for a variety of arthropod species. This substrate holds moisture and structure very well. It can be used as a stand alone substrate or mixed into other substrates to create an ideal mix for certain species. We use this mix as both a base and additive for most of our tarantulas, true spiders, mygalomorphs, scorpions, centipedes, tailless whip scorpions, vinegaroons, and more!

MJS Spider Sub is comprised of all natural and organic Canadian sphagnum peat moss, sand, coconut husk fiber, and vermiculite with sphagnum moss strands and petals mixed in. This substrate contains coconut husk fiber and is NOT suitable for millipedes or other similar detritivores that may become impacted from coconut husk products.

Sold in one quart bags (e.g. if you order one gallon, your will receive four bags), packed full. 

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