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0.1 Painted Desert Glossy Snake (Arizona elegans philipi)

0.1 Painted Desert Glossy Snake (Arizona elegans philipi)

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*Pictures in this listing represent the EXACT animal you will receive.*

Painted desert glossy snakes (Arizona elegans philipi) are a subspecies of glossy snake endemic to the southwestern United States and Mexico. Their range extends from far western Texas, west throughout New Mexico and Arizona and into northern Mexico. Painted glossy’s share this range with several other subspecies and interbreeding isn’t uncommon, which can make determining subspecies difficult in areas where the subspecies overlap. In the wild they are nocturnal predators with a diet that consists of predominantly of lizards and small rodents, they adapt well to a staple diet of rodents in captivity. This species favors arid habitats, often with scattered brush and vegetation as well as rocky areas. Although specimens over 50” have been recorded they typically do not exceed 40”, with most adults being between 24”-39”. 

Glossy snakes, named for their “glossy” appearance, are relatively uncommon in the hobby although they are kept by native colubrid enthusiasts and have been bred infrequently by dedicated hobbyists. They are generally hardy and undemanding captives that do well when set-up similarly to other commonly kept North American colubrids. Personally, I find them to be extremely underrated and have enjoyed working with these beautiful snakes immensely.

This juvenile female is feeding well on f/t pinkie mice. With me since October 2023.

Currently available animals are field-collected and were treated preventively for external parasites upon acquisition.  

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Live painted desert glossy snakes (Arizona elegans philipi) for sale at MJS Reptiles. Live tropical and North American fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates for sale online and shipped right to your front door!

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