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Rainbow Vampire Crab (Geosesarma cf. rouxi)

Rainbow Vampire Crab (Geosesarma cf. rouxi)

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Rainbow vampire crabs (Geosesarma cf. rouxi) are a colorful species of semi-terrestrial crab from Java, Indonesia. Vampire crabs they are an excellent choice for paludariums. Rainbow vampire crabs are one of the most colorful members of the genus and, to the best of my knowledge, are a bit more uncommon relative to other Geosesarma available in the trade. 

Vampire crabs (Geosesarma sp.) are delicate but generally do well provided that appropriate care guidelines are adhered to. Geosesarma need to be kept warm and humid. Temperatures between 75f-82f are ideal for most species. Their set-up should be at least half land/half water, although more land is ideal. Vampire crabs are also omnivores and should be provided with a varied diet. 

Currently available specimens are field-collected sub-adults and adults between 1-2". Some may be missing a leg which is purely cosmetic. 

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