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Rainwater Killifish (Lucania parva)

Rainwater Killifish (Lucania parva)

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Rainwater killifish (Lucania parva) are a small species of killifish native to the east coast, ranging from Cape Cod, Massachusetts through Tampico, Mexico. They have also established several invasive populations outside of their native range. Most common in estuarine environments, this species can tolerate a wide range of salinities from full freshwater through full saltwater. Rainwater killifish are sexual dimorphic when mature with the males sporting a black anterior blotch on the dorsal fin. Breeding males will color up nicely, with their caudal, pelvic, and anal fins often developing red or orange pigmentation. Spawning typically occurs in the spring and summer, with females releasing their eggs on the leaves of aquatic vegetation. 

Rainwater killifish are a schooling species and do well when kept in groups, they are often observed schooling with other killifish species. This active species makes for a fun and niche captive with undemanding care requirements. A must have for the killifish enthusiast as these little natives aren't commonly offered in the aquarium hobby. 

 Origin: Currently available animals are field-collected and have been through a preventative quarantine and treatments as necessary. 

Care Level: Beginner. 

Salinity (SG): freshwater-full marine. Brackish water is ideal. I keep them with an SG between 1.004-1.007.

Diet: Primarily carnivorous, feeding on various aquatic invertebrates. 

Adult Size: Up to 2.5" although smaller is more typical.  

pH: 7.4-8.5

Water Temp: 60-80F

Other Care Preferences: While this species can survive in freshwater, brackish or marine conditions are ideal long-term. 

NEVER release your fish into the wild or stock public waterways without permission from a government agency!

*We are a licensed dealer and propagator of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and fish in the state of Pennsylvania. All of our native and game fish (including bullfrogs, northern green frogs, and their tadpoles) come from licensed dealers and propagators with proof of receipt (available upon request to government agencies only). We WILL NOT under ANY circumstance sell any herptiles or fish collected from the commonwealth of PA, so please do not ask!*

Live rainwater killifish (Lucania parva) for sale at MJS Reptiles. Live tropical and North American fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates for sale online and shipped right to your front door!

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