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Skilletfish (Gobiesox strumosus)

Skilletfish (Gobiesox strumosus)

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Skilletfish (Gobiesox strumosus), also commonly called clingfish, are an endearing, benthic species of fish native to the east coast, ranging from the coastal waters of northern New Jersey and New York south to Brazil. These unique fish use a ventral thoracic suction disc to cling onto hard surfaces and keep them anchored in the currents of the tidal waters they often inhabit. Skilletfish are often found amongst shellfish beds and in rocky areas but can be found almost anywhere within estuarine environments. 

Skilletfish aren’t particularly common in the aquarium hobby but they are a fantastic addition to the brackish enthusiasts collection. 

Currently available animals are field-collected and have gone through a preventative quarantine and treatments.

Care Level: Beginner-intermediate. 

Salinity (SG): 1.005-full marine

Diet: Various aquatic invertebrates. Not picky in aquarium and will except a variety of foods. 

Adult Size: Rarely exceeds 3”. 

pH: 7.5-8.5

Water Temp: 60-80F

Other Care Preferences: They can be territorial with each other so it is best to avoid overcrowding. May also pick on other similarly sized fish. 

NEVER release your fish into the wild or stock public waterways without permission from a government agency!

*We are a licensed dealer and propagator of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and fish in the state of Pennsylvania. All of our native and game fish (including bullfrogs, northern green frogs, and their tadpoles) come from licensed dealers and propagators with proof of receipt (available upon request to government agencies only). We WILL NOT under ANY circumstance sell any herptiles or fish collected from the commonwealth of PA, so please do not ask!*

Live skilletfish/clingfish (Gobiesox strumosus) for sale at MJS Reptiles. Live tropical and North American fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates for sale online and shipped right to your front door!

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