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Sonoran Desert Millipede (Orthoporus ornatus)

Sonoran Desert Millipede (Orthoporus ornatus)

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Sonoran desert millipedes (Orthoporus ornatus) are native to the southwestern United States and are our longest native millipede species. This listing is for the "chocolate phase" of this species which refers to dark brown animals from the Sonoran desert region. Orthoporus are hardy and long-lived compared to other millipede species making them ideal for beginners. This species appreciates a little extra protein in their diet which can be accomplished with dry fish/dog foods and pre-killed prey items such as crickets.

Millipedes require a substrate that consists of natural, nutritious, and digestible ingredients with ample amounts of decaying hardwood leaves and rotting wood. Avoid any coconut husk fiber substrates as these can cause impaction in millipedes and lack any nutrients.

Currently available specimens are field-collected juveniles-adults.

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