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Western Red Millipede (Tylobolus claremontus)

Western Red Millipede (Tylobolus claremontus)

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Western red millipedes (Tylobolus claremontus) are a medium-sized species of millipede native to the west coast. These beautiful millipedes aren't available nearly as often as other US native millipedes, but their care is similar the more common species such as Narceus. Tylobolus are very underrated in the millipede hobby and are a must have for any millipede enthusiast. 

Millipedes require a substrate that consists of natural, nutritious, and digestible ingredients with ample amounts of decaying hardwood leaves and rotting wood. Avoid any coconut husk fiber substrates as these can cause impaction in millipedes and lack any nutrients.

Currently available specimens are field-collected juveniles-adults.

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