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Asian Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus silenus)

Asian Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus silenus)

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Asian forest scorpions (Heterometrus silenus), also referred to as Vietnamese forest scorpions, are frequently imported from Vietnam and are the most common species of Heterometrus available in the hobby, as a few other Heterometrus species are occasionally imported and offered as "Asian forest scorpion". These impressive scorpions are amongst the largest of commonly available scorpion species and have attitudes to match. Despite being very defensive their care is fairly straightforward and they're a great choice for all levels of scorpion enthusiast.

Asian forest scorpions really hit their stride in the hobby several years ago when import difficulties arose with emperor scorpions (Pandinus imperator) and their prices skyrocketed as they became almost impossible to get. With everybody's favorite big black scorpion off the market Asian forest scorpions, which had already been popular in the hobby for a long time, became more prevalent than ever at expos and pet shops across the country in an attempt to fill the void emperor scorpions left. For awhile it was very common to see uneducated and even unscrupulous vendors and shops mislabel them as Emperor scorpions, which still isn’t unheard of unfortunately. While they do share many of the qualities that made emperor scorpions popular, Asian forests lack the generally placid demeanor that attracted many people to emperors. Despite this they have still found a place amongst the most popular arachnids in the captive hobby as many keepers, myself included, feel that their high-strung temperaments give them personality and make them exciting to work with. 

*Although their venom is generally considered mild they should still be treated with respect as everyone can react differently.*

Currently available specimens are field-collected sub-adults and adults.

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