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Florida Softshell Turtle (Apalone ferox)

Florida Softshell Turtle (Apalone ferox)

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Florida softshell turtles (Apalone ferox) are a large species of aquatic turtle native to Florida and the southern parts of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. These are the largest of our native softshells with females occasionally exceeding 24”, the males however do not typically exceed 12”. They prefer slow-moving water with a sand or mud bottom in the wild, fine sand makes for an appropriate substrate in captivity. Course sand and gravel should be avoided. They are primarily carnivorous, eating mostly fish and aquatic invertebrates in the wild. In captivity they need a varied, high-protein diet. They are capable of delivering a painful bite and should be treated with caution, especially as adults. 

Hatchling softshells are sensitive and proper care is very important to making sure they thrive in captivity. Well-filtered, slightly acidic water with water temps in the low 70’s are ideal for young turtles to thrive. 

They are currently feeding on ZooMed baby turtle pellets, f/t bloodworms, chopped nightcrawlers, small crickets, and occasionally live guppies/mosquitofish. 

Currently available specimens are well-started captive bred and born 2023 hatchlings. 

DISCLAIMER: All turtles and tortoises with a shell length under 4" are sold for educational, scientific/research, and export purposes only!

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