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Geoffroy’s Side-necked Turtle (Phrynops geoffroanus)

Geoffroy’s Side-necked Turtle (Phrynops geoffroanus)

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Geoffroy’s side-necked turtles (Phrynops geoffroanus) are a large species of aquatic turtle ranging across several countries throughout South America. These beautiful turtles are full of personality and can reach up to 18” as adults, with females typically being larger than males. As adults they will need a large enclosure that provides a large area to swim with a few areas to get out and bask. Geoffroy’s sidenecks prefer slightly acidic water that is approximately 75f. They are primarily carnivorous but occasional leafy greens are appreciated. 

They are currently feeding on ZooMed baby turtle pellets, f/t bloodworms, chopped nightcrawlers, small crickets, and occasionally live guppies/mosquitofish.

Currently available specimens are well-started captive bred and born 2023 hatchlings.

DISCLAIMER: All turtles and tortoises with a shell length under 4" are sold for educational, scientific/research, and export purposes only!

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