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Giant Bumblebee Catfish (Pseudopimelodus bufonius)

Giant Bumblebee Catfish (Pseudopimelodus bufonius)

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Giant bumblebee catfish (Pseudopimelodus bufonius), are a beautiful species of catfish native to the Orinoco and Amazon basins. They typically inhabit shallower, slow-moving waters where they sit under leaf litter waiting to ambush unsuspecting prey. They are also sometimes referred to as Jelly or Jello catfish and can reach lengths of up to 10”. 

This species is hardy and will do well in a variety of water parameters, provided that extremes are avoided. Ideal water temps are from 75f-82f. Giant bumblebee cats will eat just about anything that fits into their mouth so tankmates should be chosen carefully. I’m currently keeping them on a variety of pellet foods with live foods mixed in occasionally. 

Currently available specimens are wild-caught imports between 3-4”. 

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