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Hybrid Peacock Bass (Cichla cf. “ocellaris”)

Hybrid Peacock Bass (Cichla cf. “ocellaris”)

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These “hybrid” peacock bass came in as butterfly peacock bass (Cichla ocellaris) however like most Cichla sp. aquacultured in Asia they are likely a hybrid between one or more peacock bass species. These ones seem to be more phenotypically similar to intermedia or temensis at their current size, but certainly don’t look like most aquacultured ocellaris. Regardless they are attractive fish that will make great additions in the hands of right hobbyist. 

Peacock bass can be quite variable and will continue to develop their color and pattern as they grow. The adults are absolutely stunning across species. These fish will need a very large aquarium or indoor pond as adults and are best suited to more experienced fish keepers. 

Currently available specimens are captive bred/aquacultured. 

Care Level: Intermediate-advanced.

Diet: Carnivores that have a strong preference for live foods. They will usually take to frozen/thawed prey items well. 

Adult Size: Average is 24” although up to 30” is possible. 

pH: 6.0-7.5 

Water Temp: 76F-82F. 

Other Care Preferences: These fish are large and aggressive. Tankmates must be other large, aggressive fish such as large catfish, arowana, rays etc. 


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