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Atlantic Marsh Fiddler Crab (Minuca pugnax)

Atlantic Marsh Fiddler Crab (Minuca pugnax)

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Atlantic marsh fiddler crabs (Minuca pugnax), also called mud fiddler crabs, are a common species of fiddler crab that inhabits the tidal waters of the east coast ranging from New Hampshire south to northern Florida. Their preferred habitat is intertidal salt marshes where they will construct their burrows in the mud. Fiddler crab burrows not only serve as a retreat for the crabs during high tide or when disturbed but also help aerate the marsh soil which helps important marsh grasses grow. Marsh fiddlers are scavengers and often sift through the mud to pick out tiny bits of food which can include decaying plant and animal matter and small organisms. Because of this it is good to provide some variety in their captive diet. This species rarely exceeds 1" and exhibits strong sexual dimorphism, with the males having an enlarged claw and a royal blue patch on their carapace, which the females lack. In the wild they typically have a full lifespan of about 12-18 months and while it is possible for them to live slightly longer in captivity it shouldn't be expected. 

Marsh fiddlers, as well as red-jointed fiddlers (Minuca minax), are the most commonly encountered fiddler crabs in the captive hobby and have been a staple in pet stores since the 1960's. They are likely the most popular and widely kept true crabs outside of terrestrial hermit crabs. While they inhabit brackish and marine waters in the wild some keepers report having long-term success in hard, dechlorinated tap water. Some of those keepers even report better success with treated tap water over brackish water, however it is possible this may pertain more to red-jointed fiddler crabs as they are more tolerant of lower salinities in the wild. 

Currently available animals are field-collected at various sizes.

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